If you would like to have your contact information included in the school directory, please click on the link below and fill out the form for EACH child. This year we are only including one phone number and one email address so for this reason, we are asking that EVERYONE fill out the form even if you've been in the directory in past years. Please enter your information by Wednesday, September 5th.

This school directory is put together by the PTA and is distributed to parents to use for NON-SCHOOL business. Most people use the information in this directory when sending out birthday invitations, scheduling playdates, etc. Please understand that if the school needs to contact you regarding a school matter, they will NOT use this directory. They will use the information you provided on your registration emergency contact papers. Please keep that in mind when filling out this form and only fill out the fields you are comfortable having others in your child's class have access to.  

Any questions should be directed to Christina Mason at cmason1624@hotmail.com